How to succeed in academics : Edward R. B. McCabe and Linda McCabe.

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Main Author: McCabe, Edward R. B.
Other Authors: McCabe, Linda
Published: San Diego, Calif. ; London : Academic, 2000.
Physical Description:132 pages ; 23 cm
Format: Book
  • Preface
  • 1. Introductory overview: establishing personal goals and tracking your career
  • 2. Selecting a training environment: choosing a training program, training institution, and mentor
  • 3. Selecting a position in academia: choosing a department, institution, and mentor
  • 4. Selecting grant opportunities: understanding the organization of the NIH, other governmental entities, and private foundations
  • 5. Writing a grant: selecting the specific aims, preparing the budget, and developing the research proposal
  • 6. Grant review: how review groups work, responding to the reviewers' feedback, and preparing the revised application
  • 7. Preparation of abstracts for scientific meetings
  • 8. Presentations at scientific meetings: preparation of effective slides and posters
  • 9. The 10-minute talk
  • 10. The 1-hour talk, including the job application seminar
  • 11. Selecting a journal: instructions for authors, recommending reviewers, and submitting the manuscript
  • 12. How to write research papers
  • 13. How to write review articles and chapters
  • 14. Manuscript review
  • 15. Ethical behavior
  • 16. Leadership
  • 17. Preparing a curriculum vitae
  • 18. Summary: gauging success
  • Index.