Pleasure activism : the politics of feeling good / written and gathered by adrienne maree brown.

"How do we make social justice the most pleasurable human experience? How can we awaken within ourselves desires that make it impossible to settle for anything less than a fulfilling life? Author and editor Adrienne Maree Brown finds the answer in something she calls "pleasure activism," a politics...

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Main Author: brown, adrienne maree (Author, Compiler)
Format: Book
Published: Chico, CA : AK Press, [2019]
Physical Description:441 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 21 cm
Table of Contents:
  • section 1. Who taught you to feel good?: Uses of the erotic / by Audre Lorde ; The legacy of "Uses of the erotic" : a conversation with Cara Page ; A spoilerific gush on how Octavia Butler turns me on ; Love as political resistance ; The sweetness of salt / by Alexis Pauline Gumbs ; Why we get off / by Joan Morgan ; A pleasure philosophy : a conversation with Ingri LaFleur
  • section 2. The politics of radical sex: Pussy power / by Favianna Rodriguez ; Sex ed : a poem ; Wherein I write about sex
  • section 3. A circle of sex: Conversation with a sex toy ; Sex majik (no one told me to do it) ; Nipples are magic ; It's bloody fantastic ; Fucking/having sex/making love ; The highs, lows, and blows of having casual sex ; Confessions of a queer sex goddess ; Are you there, goD? It's me, Day / by Holiday Simmons ; Feelmore : a conversation with Nenna Joiner ; Bodyminds reimagined : a conversation with Sami Schalk ; Fuck you, pay me / by Chanelle Gallant ; A timeline/tutorial on squirting
  • sub-section: Skills for sex in the #MeToo era: From #MeToo to #WeConsent ; It's about your game ; It's time to reclaim our skin ; I want you, but I'm triggered ; Strategic celibacy ; Liberating your fantasies ; Pornography and accountability ; Use your voice
  • section 4: The politics of radical drug use: Weed on, weed off ; Conditions of possibility : a conversation with Monique Tula ; Experiments in cannabis for the collective / by Malachi Garza ; Ecstasy saved my life
  • section 5. Pleasure as political practice: sub-section: The politics of healing toward pleasure: Feeling from within ; Black woman wildness / by Junauda Petrus ; Beyond trans desire / by micha cárdenas ; Pleasure after childhood sexual abuse / by Amita Swadhin ; Fuck cancer : a conversation with Alana Devich Cyril ; Care as pleasure / by Leah Lakshmi Peipzna-Samarasinha ; sub-section: The politics of wholeness in movements: The pleasure of living at the same time as Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter ; On fear, shame, death, and humor : a conversation between the Rocca family and Zizi ; The power to make light : a conversation with Dallas Goldtooth
  • Fly as hell : a conversation with Sonya Renee Taylor ; On the pleasures of wardrobe : a conversation of Maori Holmes ; Adornment and burlesque : a conversation with Taja Lindley ; Burlesque and liberation / by Michi Osato and Una Osato ; Working the pole : a conversation with Suguey Hernandez ; Pleasure over sixty : a conversation with Idelisse Malave and Alta Starr ; The work of parenting / by Autumn Brown ; Raising sexually liberated kids / by Janine de Novais ; Tips for raising sexually liberated kids / by Zahra Ali ; subsection: The politics of liberated relationships: Radical gratitude spell ; Liberated relationships, expanded ; On nonmonogamy ; Being second ; The pleasure of deep, intentional friendship : a conversation with Dani McClain and Jodie Tonita ; Principles in practice
  • section 6. Outro, thank yous: Outro ; Gratitude.